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This tutorial is the perfect tool for learning one of the most sophisticated enterprise solutions available today. Designed to being with the basics, you will become acquainted with the entire SAP system, from navigation to creating your own reports.

You'll also cover:

* Implementation tools and methodologies

* NetWeaver

* ECC 5.0

* Designing Screens and menus

* Reporting

* Integration with Microsoft Office

* And more

* This is easy-to-understand tutorial. It is ideal for getting up and running with SAP quickly and efficiently.

Introduction to SAP  
 SAP Overview
 History of SAP Software
 SAP AG Company
 SAP System Architecture and WebAS
 SAP R/3 Client Server Architecture
 Three-Tiered Architecture
 Four-Tiered Architectures
 Enterprise Services Architecture
 SAP Business Suite
 SAP Transactions
 Dispatcher Process
SAP Session  
 Session Basics
 System Access
 The Client Concept
 Initial SAP Logon
 Changing Password
 Logging Off
 Logon Pad
 Configuring the Logon Pad
 Low-Speed Connections
 Session Management
 Creating a New Session
 Creating a New Session Using the Command Field
 Creating a New Session and Starting a New Task at the Same Time
 Ending a Session
 Overview of Users
 SAP GUI Basics
 The Menu Bar
 The Standard Toolbar
 The Application Toolbar
SAP Database  
 Database Basics
 Database Structure
 Relational Database Management (RDBMS)
 Primary Key
 Foreign Key
 Key Validations
 Database Concepts
Customizing SAP Display  
 SAP GUI Types
 JavaGUI - SAP GUI for Java
 WinGUI - SAP GUI for Windows
 Themes - High Contrast, Streamline, Tradeshow
 Customizing Buttons
 The Options Tab
 The Cursor Tab
 The Local Data Tab
 The Trace Tab
 The Scripting Tab
 Visual Design Selection
 The General Tab
 The Color Settings Tab
 Clipboard Selection
 Font Selection
 Status Field
 SAP Navigation Using Menus
 SAP Navigation Using Transaction Codes
 Finding Transaction Codes
 Finding the Transaction Code for the Current Task
 Finding the Transaction Code using History List
 SAP Scroll Bars
 Moving Data Using Clipboard
 Creating Screen Prints
 Printing in SAP
Assembling the Project Team  
 Resources and Timelines
 Assembling the Project Team
 Project Sponsor
 Project Manager
 Executive Steering Committee
 Project Management Support
 Team Leaders
 Functional Analysts
 Technical Analysts
 System Administrators
Implementation Tools  
 Implementation Methodologies
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) Overview
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) - Phase 1
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) - Phase 2
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) - Phase 3
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) - Phase 4
 AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) - Phase 5
 Newer SAP Implementation Tools and Methodologies
 The SAP Implementation Guide (IMG)
 Different Views of the IMG
 IMG Basics
Implementation Dos and Donts  
 Implementation Lessons Learned
 Strategic Business Lessons Learned
 End User Lessons
 Technology Lessons
 Implementation Process Lessons
SAP NetWeaver  
 SAP NetWeaver Overview
 SAP NetWeaver Components
 SAP NetWeaver Evolution
SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)  
 SAP CRM Overview
 How CRM Extends mySAP ERP
 CRM Industry-Specific Processes
 Business Benefits of CRM
SAP Product Life Cycle Management (SAP PLM)  
 SAP PLM Overview
 PLM IT Platform
 Business Insight Through PLM
SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)  
 SAP SRM Overview
 Integration Benefits with PLM
 How SRM Impacts Your Enterprise
 Business Benefits
 Using SAP SRM
SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) and R/3  
 SAP ECC and R/3
 Core SAP Business Modules
mySAP ERP Financials  
 mySAP ERP Financials_
 SAP Financial Accounting
 SAP Controlling
 SAP Treasury Management
 SAP Enterprise Controlling
mySAP ERP Human Capital  
 mySAP ERP Human Capital Management
 SAP Integrated Human Resources
 Infotypes and Actions
 SAP Personnel Administration Components
 SAP Personnel Planning and Development
 Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
 Employee Self Service
 Manager Self Service
mySAP ERP Operations  
 mySAP ERP Operations
 Sales and Distribution
 Production Planning and Control
 Materials Management
 Plant Maintenance
 Logistics Information System (LIS)
mySAP ERP Corporate Services  
 mySAP ERP Corporate Services
SAP BI, KW, and MDM  
 SAP Business Intelligence
 SAP Knowledge Warehouse
 SAP Master Data Management
 SAP xApps
SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)  
 SAP SCM Overview
 Components of SAP SCM
 SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO)
 SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH)
 SAP Event Management (SAP EM)
 Business Purposes and Benefits
 Using SAP APO
Other Enabling Technologies  
 Other Enabling Technologies
 SAP Enterprise Portal Overview
 SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation
 SAP Enterprise Portal Benefits
 SAP Exchange Infrastructure
 SAP Mobile Infrastructure
 SAP xApps Overview
 SAP xApps Role Within NetWeaver
 SAP xApps Sample
 SAP xApps Partner Sample
 SAP xApps Benefits
Technology Overview  
 Application Architecture
 Basis Tools
 Remote Function Calls (RFCs)
 Common Program Interface Communications (CPI-C)
 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
 Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
 Application Link Enabling (ALE)
 Work Processes
System Administration  
 System Administration Overview
 Monitoring the System.
 SAP System Log
 System Monitoring with CCMS
 Workload Alert Monitor
 Other CCMS Tools
 SAP Authorization Concepts
 User Authorizations
 Authorization Profiles
 SAP Profile Generator
Systems and Performance Management  
 What Is Performance Management
 Sources of Performance Data
 Specific CCMS Transactions for Managing Performance
 Analyzing Performance Data
Designing Screens and Menus  
 SAP Screen Painter
 SAP Menu Painter
 Menu Painter Object Components
ABAP Dictionary and Repository  
 Database Tables
 Structures and Includes in the ABAP Dictionary
 Exploring the ABAP Dictionary
 Client Dependence and Independence
 What Table and Field Is This Stored In
 SAP Repository Information System
 The Repository Information System Window
Using SAP  
 SAP Reporting Tools Overview
 General Report Selection
 Executing Reports
 Report Attributes
 SAP Reporting Tools Details
 Integration with Microsoft Office
SAP Support  
 SAP Support Overview
 SAP Solution Manager
 SAP Service Marketplace
 Accessing Extended Help
 The SAP Support Team
SAP under the microscope post Agassi
World's 30 best CEOs
Al Osais Group Switches to SAP Core ERP Solution
In a World of Trouble
Oracle Sues SAP

Where Do Oracle and SAP Stand?
Who Will Win? SAP or Oracle?
What challenges does SAP face with its NetWeaver?
So What is SAP?
Do You Need SAP?
How Much SAP Costs?
Is There Any SAP Help Out There?
SAP Modules
SAP Outsourcing
SAP Mobile Computing
A future as a mySAP SRM consultant

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